5 Best Punching Bag Stands in 2017

Best Punching Bag StandsImagine the times when you arrive at home after a long day at work, where you had to take care of several difficult tasks. At the same time, think about the moments when you had to deal with a very difficult person and you had to keep your calm to show that you are braver and you have more self-control. You know that that anger didn’t disappear out in thin air, right? When you know that at home you have the best punching bag stands with a large and strong punching bag you will be able to resist throughout the day.

Now that we have the basic information gathered in this table, let’s take a look at each product and see what features it offers. Which punching bag stand would it be the best among these five?

ImageProduct NameSupport (up to)Price
Everlast – Best Punching Bag StandEverlast – Best Punching Bag Stand100lbs$$$
Muay Thai – Heavy Duty Punching Bag StandMuay Thai – Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand350lbs$$$
Ringside Prime Free – MMA Heavy Bag StandRingside Prime Free – MMA Heavy Bag Stand 70lbs$$$
Amber Sports The Champ Heavybag StandAmber Sports The Champ Heavybag Stand100lbs$$$
Everlast Single – Station Heavy Bag StandEverlast Single – Station Heavy Bag Stand100lbs$$$

1. Everlast – Best Punching Bag Stand

The 2 station heavy bag stand weighs 72.2 pounds and it is very easy to assemble. You just need to connect the tubes according to the guidelines and this can be easily done by one single person, even though the instructions recommend two people. In the box, you will find three weight pegs that provide strong durability.

Everlast - Best Heavy Bag Stand

However, if you don’t have enough time available to install it or if you want to leave an expert do it, you can also request an installer that will come whenever you want. In this way, you can rest assured that your stand will be installed by a professional who knows the instructions by heart. Keep in mind that it comes with a ten year warranty as well, so if you need to move it in the future to another room and you notice a small defection, you can easily contact the manufacturer and have your issue resolved in no time.

This stand gives you the option of exercising alone or together with a friend. Due to the fact that it has two stations (one for heavy bags and one for speed bags), you can easily spend some relaxing time with someone you know. Besides, the adjustable platform gives you the option to attach any size of speed punching bags. If your friend has his own favorite speed bag he can feel free to bring it along, while you can practice at your usual heavy punching bag. This Everlast 2 station punching bag stand is considered to be the best on the market.

Main highlights:

  • adjustable height for any speed bag sizes
  • rugged construction
  • Everlast as an industry leader for punching bag stands, producing strong and professional products
  • manufactured to hold both speed bags and heavy weights
  • produced from rugged steel, with powder-coated tubes
  • comes with three weight pegs, which increase its maximum endurance
  • can support any bag weight, up to 100 lbs

2. Muay Thai – Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand (350lbs Capacity)

This amazing boxing stand is what a boxer needs in his own personal training room. With a weight capacity of 350 lbs, this stand is 7.5 ft tall so that it matches any heavy punching bag that can weigh up to 350 lbs. In addition, it comes with four initially unfilled sand bags to keep it balanced on the ground. It is very easy to assemble and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Muay Thai - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand

Produced by Outslayer, the Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is 7.5ft tall, giving the ability to hold any punching bag size weighing up to 350 pounds. Even the 6 ft punching bags fit in this stand, so you can exercise as long as you want to, using any technique. In addition, the stand is very easy to install, since it consists mainly in fixing five screws. Besides, you can place it anywhere in the room, since it won’t use too much space. You can set it up in the room’s corner with the punching bag faced to the center of the room and you will easily be able to practice anytime.

Upon receiving the product you will notice that it comes with four empty sacs. These are provided for users to fill them with sand and put them on the stand’s legs like this: one on the left leg, one on the right leg and two on the leg beyond, so that it can make the stand stable and equally weighted. Each sand bag will then weigh about 60 pounds each. Plus, if you think that the legs are not long enough, you can even extend them up to 45” long.

Main features:

  • weight capacity up to 350 pounds
  • 5 ft tall
  • Suitable for punching bags up to 6 ft
  • Comes with 4 sand bags for better stability
  • 30” long legs which can extend 12”-15” extra

3. Ringside Prime Free – MMA Heavy Bag Stand

This easy to install heavy bag stand will easily fit anywhere in your room. It gives you 180 degrees access to the punching bag, so that you can gain more space to improve your boxing technique. What is more, this equipment is free-standing and it doesn’t need any additional weights or sand bags to keep it balanced. Made out of durable steel, this ringside prime free-standing station boxing stand is 95” tall, 35” wide and 52” deep.

Ringside Prime Free - MMA Heavy Bag Stand

With an overall shipping weight of 53 pounds, the Ringside stand is very easy and quick to install. Its construction is very durable, using high-durability steel for its tubes. People who enjoy having a punching bag suspended by the ceiling fir higher mobility will definitely love this stand: its small size allows you a 180 degrees access around the punching bag, so you can easily move in any direction you want. This accessibility also gives you the option to improve your skills and even create your own technique. Due to the fact that the stand is very tall, it is recommended for those who practice kicking high, especially for boxing exercises.

For someone who assembles this type of equipment for the first time there may be some issues understanding the instructions. However, due to the reduced amount of pieces and tubes this boxing stand will be easily assembled by you and your friend. We know that some professionals can also assemble it alone, but no matter how high you are you still need a friend to hook the punching bag on the top tube. Furthermore, you can install it anywhere in your room, giving you access to punch any bag of up to 100 pounds.

Key features of this product:

  • Very easy to install, occupies small space
  • 180 degrees around the punching bag
  • Free-standing, without the need of any sand bag
  • 95” tall x 35” wide x 52” deep
  • Recommended for boxing exercises due to its height
  • Can support any punching bag of up to 100 pounds

4. Amber Sports The Champ – Heavy Bag Stand

Usable with both speed bags and heavy bags, the Amber Sports “The Champ” punching bag stand can hang a bag of up to 100 pounds. It includes two extra weight plate holders if you want to use heavy bags, to enable better support and weight stability. It is constructed of heavy tubes made of gauge steel, resistant against scratches and rust. With dimensions of 86 height, 60 width and 48 deep, it can be installed anywhere in your room, using very few space.

Amber Sports The Champ - Heavy Bag Stand

This boxing stand is suitable for short people who need to exercise, since the total height is of 86”. This heavy-duty stand is made out of powder-coated steel, which is resistant against any scratches or rust. Its black appearance will suit any place in the room, anywhere in your home. For better support of heavy punching bags you can use the two weight plate holders that come with it, to ensure better stability. Once delivered, the punching bag stand is very easy to install and it comes with all instructions in the box, so you can easily identify which part where should be connected. Some users even say that it took them only 25 minutes to install it; therefore it’s a piece of cake.

Its small size makes it usable anywhere, from your own bedroom to the basement or in the garage. Due to the fact that some users are annoyed by the swinging sound that the punching bag makes, you might want to keep it stored somewhere where sound doesn’t bother anyone. Would this be the best boxing bag stand?

Main highlights:

  • Powder-coated rough steel
  • Comes with two weight plate holders for better stability
  • Dimensions 86 x 60 x 48 inches
  • Can hang punching bags of up to 100 pounds

5. Everlast Single – Station Heavy Bag Stand

Made by a leader in the punching bag stand industry, the Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand is perfect for people who want to exercise at home. It is fully made of durable and powder-coated heavy duty steel tubes, it is easy and fast to install and can carry up to 100 pounds bags. Besides, you receive three weight plate pegs to add more stability and equilibrium. Its footprint of 69” long, 48.25” width and 84.13” tall will make it suitable in any corner of your exercising room.

Everlast Single - Station Heavy Bag Stand

Ideal for people who enjoy exercising and practicing their boxing skills, this Everlast punching bag stand is suitable for people who want to relax after a long day of working or dealing with difficult people. In addition, it is suitable for people who spend time practicing and developing their own technique at home, instead of joining a boxing club. Its users can attach up to 100 pounds punching bags, regardless if they are heavy duty bags or even speed bags. However, keep in mind that the heavier the punching bags you use, the more weight you need to apply on the legs.

Main features:

  • Can hold up to 100lbs punching bags
  • 69”x48.25”x84.13” dimensions
  • Heavy duty structure of powder-coated steel
  • Contains three weight plate pegs for stability

Which is the best punching bag stand?

All of these five stands are good, but which one is the best punching bag stand? We really like the fact that the Muay Thai heavy duty bag stand can hold up to 350 pounds but we don’t like that you can’t invite a friend over to practice both. The Ringside stand offers a 180 degrees access around the bag, but it is a bit too tall. The Amber Sports stand is a bit too noisy at times, which leads us to thinking that Everlast products are indeed the best.

Everlast - Best Heavy Bag Stand

Therefore, the best punching bag stand is the Everlast 2 Station Heavy stand, due to its powerful structure and ability to attach a heavy bag and a speed bag at the same time. In this way users can practice together with friends while chatting or discussing about the latest news,


Whenever you want to take a moment and forget of all the stress you might want to consider a punching bag stand. It will not take too much from your space, you can set it up in any room or you can even create a special room for exercising. It will stimulate your brain to relax, while every muscle of your body will develop and you will gain higher power. Besides, you never know when you might need force in your daily routine, so exercising on the best punching bag stand can definitely improve your skills. The Everlast punching bag stand will definitely bring you peace and comfort!

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